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Thanks to long-time program member and overall rockstar Athena for helping us put these together in the FB group! Storing them here and adding to it as we go for all the new members.

Athena has been a program member for only a year or so and 1) replaced her six figure income in only 6 months and 2) has been an unspoken mentor for a bunch of women in her community and now in our program, too. So huge shoutout to her!

Although we go over ALL of this in the modules, we still get a lot of the same questions. While me and the team don’t mind answering them; I think hearing from Athena, a fellow program member grad, will speak louder!

That is up to you and how much time and effort you put in but lately most girls here have at least 2-3 by the time they finish the course or even before.

Some girls are fully booked before they even finish!! Many girls end up quitting their full time jobs way before they planned to as well. I did.

That all depends on your past skills and how much you want/need to make doing this. Most people start here at $15 – $20 an hour if they are pretty new to admin/social tasks but many people start at $30 – $50 an hour if they have past experience in these things.

Don’t think about the amount per hour to start. Think about what you can learn to level up to that $50 an hour in a short time. You could never do that in your corporate job in 10 years.

Question: Do I need to make a Business Facebook Page? I have my personal Facebook private – do I need to change that?

This question gets asked a lot and the bottom line is that it’s up to you! We definitely encourage that you SHOULD make a second business page on Facebook – this is very important for Social Credibility (and it’s FREE and you don’t need to know how to use a website creator!)

You should “clean up” your personal facebook profile – no public profile pictures with alcohol all around or a close up of your dog’s face. It’s just not professional and you need to be known as a capable professional, even if you keep the other parts of your profile private for your family and friends.

Understand that sometimes it will be better to use a personal profile to make connections with clients and to have an additional business page for testimonials, services offered and credibility. They both have different functions and should be used for those different circumstances.

FB Business page is a yes. That is how you will network in all the groups online and show yourself to your clients. This is free and you can use Canva to make it look pretty.

For a website, no, you don’t! You can get started perfectly fine with just an optimized profile and application kit; we review how to properly set up both of these in Module 2 and the VA Starter Pack .

If you would still like to have a website to have a place to send prospective clients, check out our partnership with Julia from the Geek Pack. We’re pairing up aspiring VAs and aspiring web developers so they can get some good experience and you can get an inexpensive website!

You can see a sample of what these sites look like HERE. If you like what you see, feel free to check THIS out for more information and to fill in an application!”

NO. DO NOT DO THIS. Your friends and family will report that you are a faux profile and it’ll get deleted. Or FB will find out you have 2 profiles and will delete it. But the main reason is that you WANT to be fluid between your business and life. I (Esther) is friends with all of you and a ton of clients and former clients. I used to add people like crazy so my PMs will show up in their inbox when I pitch my services or start a convo asking them about their business.

Look at what the successful people are doing, ^^^ THIS is what they are doing. So stop trying to find a different way that is NOT what the successful people are doing and just trust me and the hundreds of other women doing the same thing.

If you can’t think of some catchy name, just use your name like Ann Smith Virtual or Ann Smith Creative and move on.

Don’t let little things like this be a roadblock to your success.

The 90 Day VA program is designed to give you experience since you have to do portfolio piece homework for each module. These homework items become your digital portfolio. You can build an info package/media kit (application kit) using these easily using templates on Canva (template provided in our modules!). If you have past work, you can incorporate that, too. Then, when you have a few things ready, you can intern for people online.

Ask and you shall receive! So many people in this group and other groups are looking to take on interns for experience. Then, voila, you have experience now and no excuse to apply for jobs.

This isn’t meant to be funny since we all have crazy lives but this is the most common post I see here. Truly, these are all excuses getting in the way of your dreams to work virtually and be free from the corporate lifestyle. You can tell yourself them all day or you can overcome them somehow. There are always 24 hours in a day. Kids go to sleep. You can get double espresso shots when you’re exhausted.

You can make this work if you want it bad enough. There are enough women in here that have overcome the same things you are facing, you just have to rise up, believe in yourself and make it happen. Don’t give up, no matter what!

The laptop you can afford so you can start work ASAP. The best of the best for anything design related is always Macbook Pro but these are expensive. So, if you can’t swing that now, then go for what you can afford now. Don’t let your computer be your excuse to make money and work virtually.

You can get VERY affordable nice laptops these days from Costco or Walmart, too!

Stay active in the group and other groups like this. I spend a minimum of 1 hour a day on FB just for these groups. Stop scrolling IG looking at outfits you can’t afford and models that weigh 87 pounds and start getting involved and active in these groups! They will motivate you and make you believe that you can do this too!

Also, podcasts are great resources as well. Download them and listen to the car, at the gym or at your desk at work. The power of positivity and personal development is real. You will believe in yourself if you see so many others doing the same every single day. For a list we recommend click HERE

No to Upwork. That site is bad news. Search the group for reasons why and Esther did a whole video on it too (click HERE for the quick video of why we don’t recommend it and HERE for the entire post I did about it, too!)

As for finding jobs, many are posted in this group weekly, so try those first. Use the resources in this group. If you aren’t great at resumes or copywriting for your FB page, ask someone in the group to trade with you for something you are good at. This group is so helpful! Use this as a resource.

Then, join at least 5 other groups like this one. They post jobs every single day. Don’t be afraid to apply. Worst thing they can say is no. Lastly, start telling people you are doing this. Friends, family, and anyone that will listen. I have gotten 4 clients from my hair dresser. She knows I do this and refers me women that sit in her chair and complain they need help with their businesses. Get the word out and people will reach out to you.

Yes, yes and yes! You can do this! It’s all about the effort you put in. I left a 6 figure job to do this. I support myself with a mix of remote work and VA jobs now. Yes, you have to make some allowances at first. I moved to a smaller apartment and downsized my expenses so I could make sure I could do this.

Honestly though, I didn’t have to. I make enough now to support my old lifestyle. I just felt more comfortable doing it that way. So, yes, you can replace your income. Believe in yourself and stop making excuses and make it happen!

Yes, you are right, but most of us don’t! We are all just regular girls here just like you with bills and credit card debt. We are making it happen because we want the freedom and the lifestyle we desire.

Stop thinking of what others have and realize your own true potential! You can do this because you are you!! Excuses only multiply. What do you have to lose? Make this happen for yourself!

You have to understand that people fear what they don’t know. They care about you and are afraid you won’t succeed since they don’t understand what this is all about. This kind of work is pretty new and most people have no knowledge of it.

Just remember that you can do this based on everyone else in this group showing you it’s possible. Thank them for their concern and then prove them wrong. There isn’t one successful person in this world that hasn’t had haters. Remember that!

NETWORK! Use this group and others like it to your advantage. The girls who stay active in this group are the ones getting all the jobs, leaving their day jobs quickly and making their dreams come true. Every time a new group starts, I start to see the rising stars who are active and engage, and those are always the girls that end up succeeding.

If you need help, ask! There are no stupid questions. We have all been where you are right now. This group is kind and caring and really enjoys helping others. That is because Esther and her team cultivate that environment and are the same way. Use this as a resource to help you.

I’ve made an entire video all about it and we have very clear instructions you can watch HERE

First of all – YAY. Congrats! That’s so exciting. :)
We go through all of this in the final module you can skip ahead to HERE but essentially you should:

• Use a 30 day free trial with Freshbooks you can get HERE to time track, invoice, accept payments, etc.

• We do not recommend Paypal for invoicing or accepting payments, highly recommend Freshbooks but more info on why HERE

• Grab the contract template from the bonus contracts module and watch the quick video on what I say to edit / which tools to use to get this eSigned for free

• Always try to charge a flat rate for work, if you can estimate about how long the tasks will take you then its a simple equation of
           ○ x hours it will take you (x) what hourly rate you want to make + 20-30% for taxes/savings/equipment/meetings/admin, etc.
           ○ This will not change once you can work faster and more efficiently so you’ll make more money in the end, AND you can and should up your rates every 6-12 months anyway with new and old clients

• If you have no idea how long it will take you then you can suggest a trial and use the timer with Freshbooks to get an idea of what to charge

• NOBODY can tell you what to charge, it’s truly a personal decision, but the key is to feel 100% good about it so you never begrudge the work or client which always ends badly

There’s no secret magic trick to applying to jobs. :) You just have to get out there and do it! We have given you all the tools, you have everything prepped, now go and put yourself out there.

You are READY. Stop doubting – stop making excuses that your website is not done, that your portfolio is not 100% complete, that the stars haven’t aligned quite yet, that *insert excuse here*.

Enough. We’re not saying you have to apply to 50 jobs today and land all 50 jobs today.
Start small! Apply to just ONE job this week. Dip your toes in and give it a whirl! What’s the worst that can happen? They reject you?


You’re ready! This program has prepared you – now get out there. We’ll be rooting for you! <3 And don’t forget to let us know about your successes!

We made you an ‘application kit’ template and have all the info on how to apply and land clients in the final module you can access HERE  and to see some samples from your fellow program members, check HERE

Great question! We’ve prepared a ‘Are You Ready to Apply to Jobs’ Checklist in the “Homework & Downloads” button of THIS LESSON that you can refer to.

Make sure that you have completed all the items on the checklist before you send out any applications!

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Portfolio Submissions

STOP before you start working on your portfolio items or submitting them for feedback, watch this video! Esther goes step by step in how to properly create and share your portfolio for both the program AND future clients. Have a look!

Sample Star Portfolio Pieces:

Every week, our mentors go through the Portfolio inbox and send feedback via email or Loom videos individually back to you. You can expect responses within 1-2 weeks depending on the backlog.

If you get a response from portfolio@virtualassistantinternship.com, then we have received your items and you don’t need to worry!

Submissions must be sent as Google Doc (docs.google.com) documents and the sharing settings must be ‘editable’ or ‘allow comments’ (if you don’t know how to do this there are some guidelines HERE).

If you want to edit and then submit your items again for review after receiving feedback, that’s okay! Otherwise, you can also just edit and add  the items to your portfolio if the revision notes you receive are minor.

Q&A Call Info

Every month, Esther holds a Q&A call for the US/Asia time zone and Deya, our COO and program manager, holds a Q&A call for the EU/Asia time zone.

Our monthly group calls are for answering any questions that you have, discussing any common issues that we are seeing and conducting mini-trainings.

Feel free to join us live on the monthly group call or if you can’t make it, watch the call recordings at your convenience.

The recordings will be posted to the Units tab of the Facebook Group within 2-3 days of the call.


Monthly Call Information:
See Our Current Call Schedule HERE it’ll always be in the ‘Events’ of our Facebook Group.

Before The Call:
1) Download and Install the ZOOM App
2) Submit any questions you want answered on Esther/Deya’s monthly Q&A calls here: esther@virtualassistantinternship.com or deya@virtualassistantinternship.com

To Join The Call:
1) Add the upcoming dates found HERE and the dial in and login information to your phone with an alarm NOW

2) Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/2253931749

Or iPhone one-tap : US: +16699006833,,2253931749# or +16465588656,,2253931749#

Or Telephone (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location) : US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656

International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/h8E6P

Meeting ID: 225 393 1749